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we believe in more than just offering jobs
we believe in more than just offering jobs.

The Virtual Assistants Jobs for the right Freelance Service

We offer opportunities for personal and professional growth. Joining our team means empowering your career in a supportive and flexible environment, where your skills are celebrated.

We’re on a mission to change lives virtually, and we invite you
to embark on this journey with us.

Join us today and be a vital part of a dynamic team committed to touching lives and creating a brighter future together.

Empower Your Career:
Join Us and Thrive!

Step into endless possibilities, where your skills are celebrated, and your growth is our top priority! Dive into flexible remote work that puts you in control of your success!

Join Our Mission:
Changing Lives Virtually!

Become a vital part of our dynamic team that’s on a mission to touch lives globally. Your journey is making a real difference, it’s a meaningful mission to transform lives!

Make a Difference:
Start Your Journey

Embark on your journey that’s as exciting as it is fulfilling! Your role isn’t just about tasks, it’s about the incredible difference you’ll make in the lives of professionals worldwide!

Why Join Us❔

Here at HighLevel-Teams, our workplace culture is all about unity, respect, and embracing diversity.

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When You Join Our Team, You’re Not Just An Employee

When you join our team, you’re not just an employee.

You’re a valued member of our community.

We offer flexible hours, designed to support your well-being.

Plus, we’re all about growth, so expect professional development opportunities that will help you thrive.

  • Flexible work schedule
  • We find your clients for you
  • We provide training materials
  • Resources for your continued success
  • We offer competitive pay

We’re Also Here To Nurture Your Career

We’re also here to nurture your career.

At HighLevel-Teams, we believe in continued learning and growth.

Our supportive environment and experienced leadership team are here to guide you on your journey to success.

  • Ongoing Learning Opportunities
  • Mentorship and Guidance
  • Skills Enhancement
  • Feedback and Development

We’re Not Just Colleagues

We’re not just colleagues.

We value eerie voices and perspectives, fostering a culture of inclusivity where your uniqueness is celebrated.

Here are the Cornerstones of Our Culture:
  • Value-Driven
  • Supportive Community
  • Equal Opportunity
  • Work-life balance

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How to Apply❔

Your journey towards becoming a valued
member starts with 4-EASY steps!

Apply TODAY and let’s build a brighter future together!

Step 1

Application - Start your Journey through our Careers Page 👉

Step 2

Screening - Our team will carefully review your application 💪

Step 3

Interview - Showcase your skills during the client interview 👉

Step 4

Direct Work - Get paired and work directly with the client 👏

What do you need❔

Home-Office Set-Up
  • Internet Connection – Stable internet connection not lower than 20mbps
  • Reliable Computer – Desktop or laptop that can run updated versions of software
  • External devices – A headset with a noise-canceling feature and high high-definition webcam
  • Home Office Set-Up – Quiet and conducive work environment with a clutter-free background
Character/Personality and Behavior
  • Trustworthy – Honest and authentic, maintains integrity when dealing with employers
  • Efficient – Carries out tasks in a wise and timely manner
  • Articulate – Expresses thoughts and share ideas clearly
  • Pro-Active – Always ready to make things happen

Featured Roles

frequently asked questions:❔

 You can get a job based on the skills that you have. Tasks and responsibilities will be coming from the employer.

NO. Unlike other virtual assistant agencies, we don’t collect recruitment fees from applicants.  Once you get paired, you will be paid directly by the client with no deduction.

We act as intermediaries in the hiring process between you and our clients. This means you will enter into an employment agreement directly with our client. Our clients will be your legal employer.

Getting your salary can be done in many ways. You and your employer will have an agreement on compensation. It can be through PayPal, Wise, Western Union, etc.

Release dates of salary will be discussed by the employer as well. It can be arranged weekly or semi-monthly, depending on the agreed terms with your client.

Your work schedule will be based on the timezone of your client. Other clients have flexible work schedules.

We offer both short and long term jobs that can last anywhere from 1 month to years.

Applications take between 5 and 7 days, depending if there are any additional requirements.

Yes, send us your resume and we will keep it in our database. We will send an email for any job openings.

No. We only hire and contract Filipino residing in the Philippines.

Yes. To keep our platform safe and secure, we require applicants to submit a government-issued ID to prove their name and address.

At HighLevel-Teams, we take immense pride in our exceptional team of highly skilled and dedicated professionals. Our commitment to delivering outstanding results is unwavering.

We are not just a team; we are an A+ team. We’ve been rigorously tested for our close-knit synergy, fostered by a culture of friendship and camaraderie. 

Our Executive team consists of seasoned professionals who bring their unique perspectives and expertise to the table. With their guidance, we are here to support new and aspiring business owners in their journey. 

We envision a world where HighLevel-Teams is synonymous with top-tier virtual support, setting the gold standard for excellence and reliability.

Together, we aim to transform industries and make a meaningful impact in the technology realm.

At HighLevel-Teams, our mission is simple: we’re here to revolutionize the world of Virtual Assistants.

Our goal is to empower individuals by offering a flexible and supportive environment that celebrates their unique skills.